Securing the field – Splyce wins the battle for third place – EU LCS Spring 2018


The opening to the grand final of the European LCS was a very open brawl for third place with five games full of emotions, errors, and perseverance. However, it was Splyce that took advantage of the opposition as they took the third place and secured a ticket to the Rift Rivals. Moreover, the side also gained 70 points to fight for qualifications for the Worlds 2018.

With Nisqy and Minitroupax as protagonists of the action, Splyce and Vitality left at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen with a juicy duel, a very exciting site for the spectators and although both teams had their standards up to mark, it was the mistakes that revealed the key moments of the games.

With Gilius and Jiizuke far from their best level, Minitroupax took the reins of his side, coached by YamatoCannon and carried the side to victory on the first and third map. However, the man of the hour was none other than Nisqy of Splyce, who completely demolished the rookie of the year in the mid lane.

The first map became a power struggle between the Zoe of Nisqy and the Caitlyn of Minitroupax and finally, it was the Portuguese who prevailed, forcing the Splyce to give up their mid lane tower in the early game. Splyce didn’t take many risks in the match and lost the first game of the series.

In the second game, Caitlyn was banned and performance of Xerxe improved as the series progressed in Copenhagen. He helped Nisqy to secure the mid lane against Jiizuke. With up to two solo kills, the Belgian did what he wanted with his Cassiopeia against Taliyah and closed the game by himself in 22 minutes. The series was tied 1-1 at the stage of the event.

After losing the third game brutally to Vitality, the fourth game was the best match of Minitroupax. The Portuguese were having a great game on his Ezreal. The game was fully secured by Spyce as the side took advantage of sloppy mistakes from the opposition. The team managed to take the first Baron kill and from their steamrolled over the side of Vitality, Splyce took all the objective while also securing a team whip against Vitality. There Vitality lost not only the fourth map, but also the hopes and mentality for the fifth.

In the fifth map the Taliyah vs Cassiopeia of the second game was repeated and Jiizuke had a bad time again. With a much slower start than in previous gamed, both teams felt the nerves for what they played and Splyce held even more as they capitalized heavily on the failures of their rival’s.

Minitroupax was again the best in the bot lane and Jactroll helped him enough with Thresh. However, in Splyce they were led by both Nisqy and Kobbe and with the positioning failures of Gilius near the Baron Pit, they lost the game without being able to defend the base.

Despite the ups and downs in this final, the first split of the trio Jiizuke, Minitroupax, and Jactroll is an amazing sight to see for any lover of the League of Legends and although they have been left out of the Rift Rivals, they have made it clear that they have enough motives as to surprise in summer.