Fnatic, the crowned champions of EU LCS Spring Split 2018


The great final of Europe was much more than a fight because it supposed to be the defense of a prestigious record, with G2 Esports winning the last four consecutive splits. While Fnatic aimed to return to a throne that had once belonged to them. The regular season had left a much stronger Fnatic image, with G2 dealing with the change of four players. However, the semifinals had left a much more equal idea for ​​both teams that we have seen in Copenhagen. Fnatic has not only regained the throne but will also travel to the MSI to represent Europe.

Game one

The nerves of the final have played a trick at the beginning for Bwipo, the toplaner of Fnatic, who practically gave first blood with ease to Jankos. The following minutes of the laning phase had been very slow, except for some action offered by the junglers, until a team fight, initiated by Fnatic in the bottom, where G2 got three kills. G2 pushed their advantage and took the middle tower and the Herald, which would help them take the tower of the top lane, the last of the outer turret that remained standing for Fnatic. After that, the French side managed to defend the middle and the lower turret successfully.

At minute 25, and with a substantial gold advantage, G2 ventured into the Nashor Baron Pit, despite everything going in their favor, a deadly trap waited for the side, with four dead players for G2 and Rekkles demonstrating how exceptional he can be on Tristana. The champion was impossible to kill with the Braum shield and the buffs that Caps with Karma gave to his ADC. The Swedish shooter was the hope of his team, with his teammates supporting him completely. The second Nashor, at minute 32, was contested in the middle lane, where again Rekkles did not have it difficult to eliminate almost three players from G2.

Fnatic then continued their march to the Nexus of G2 and managed to get the last two turrets, but when the odds were against them, Hjarnan got a triple kill to give his team a chance to save the game. After that neither of the two teams had a clear advantage, both of them were just waiting to see which of the two would initiate the fight. Finally, it was Jankos who wanted to jump with Zac to try to catch Fnatic, but with Rekkles on fire, he sentenced Zac to death. Moreover, the MVP ADC got a pentakill before ending the Nexus that had previously gotten away from them.

Game two

With Tristana banned by G2, Fnatic gave Skarner to Broxah, with whom he could cause havoc in the lane. While Jankos, captain of G2 answered the Skarner pick with an Olaf that we had already seen in the third position of LCS NA and what he was capable of doing.  The first blood was the same as the first one, with a gank from the jungler of G2 to take advantage of the top lane. However, the game was very favorable for Fnatic, with Caps enjoying the action with Zoe and making the laning phase impossible for PerkZ. In spite of it, G2 Esports cooped under the pressure, taking out a Nashor at the 20th minute with practically no pressure from the opposition whatsoever.

Hjarnan, who had no contribution in the early 20 minutes, rotated with his team in the mid lane, doing a lot of damage with Varus and ended up getting kills on Caps and Bwipo, while Bwipo on his Sion was not having a great game. Rekkles had to be patient to be really useful with Sivir. As a result, the team fights ended in favor of G2, because the ADC was more focused on achieving gold in the lanes than supporting his team.

The moment did not take long to arrive where Fnatic finally came in the front decisively for the first time in the game. The second Nashor was the downfall of G2, it was where Fnatic took the opportunity to gather their five players, with Rekkles achieving the second pentakill of the final. The fall of Nashor in the hands of Fnatic served its purpose to bring pressure to the lanes, taking all the outer turrets. The game became an uphill climb for G2.

Caps on Zoe, who was having an amazing game, was busy in the skirmishes while the inhibitors fell without G2 could do anything. A stellar game came to the demise of PerkZ, taking him out and opening the way to Fnatic to close the second game while G2 side could only watch their demise.

Game three

G2 entered the jungle early to surprise Broxah and his team, with Hylissang got himself rescued thanks to the Healing of Rekkles. With Jankos cleaning the camp of Broxah, a bad start was expected for the Fnatic jungler. However, he managed to recover from the early setback and engaged in the action with a gank on the top lane, where Bwipo, was playing as Sion for the third time. He successfully achieved the first Blood against his counterpart Wunder, who without the availability of Flash died under the tower, though claiming his revenge instantly after spawning.

The game overall advanced in favor of Fnatic without much kills in the early game. Rekkles kept adding gold every minute with Tristana while with Caps, he was able to press Ryze on the mid lane. Overall G2 couldn’t achieve any objective in the opening minutes. PerkZ, who was playing with Cassiopeia for G2 in the third game, was virtually nowhere to be seen for the first 25 minutes. The Nashor was again the Sword of Damocles for G2. While the whole team was playing around the target, Caps, which had teleportation, was advancing down the lane, reaching a Nexus tower. Meanwhile, G2 has danced around the Nashor, having to leave it completely free to Fnatic.

Great guilt for the side of G2, was Bwipo on his Sion, who managed to get a lot of time and farm in the final. With the Nashor Buff in his arsenal, Fnatic came in for the kills, closing the final with a 3-0 that almost seemed unthinkable, but that marked the return the former king to his throne, with Rekkles managing to finish the series with no death.