Ti8 prize pool is on the right track


There are those who say that Dota 2 is dead and that other MOBAs and battle Royale games had taken away the limelight. However, the reception to launch the Battle Pass for the tournament The International 2018, has shown that the title Dota 2 has a very active community. They were just waiting for the right moment to show their worth.

This is shown by the figures of the Battle Pass collection in relation to the prize pool, or total prizes that will be distributed in the August tournament. Initially, the total prize pool was $ 5,691,835, while $ 4,091,835 has been delivered by buyers of the “Compendium” and its levels. All this, just 24 hours after the Battle Pass went on sale.

This makes Dota 2’s 2018 Battle Pass the most successful in history on its first day.

After that, the prize pool reached the $ 10 million mark in the last few weeks of May. This happened only two weeks after the Battle Pass.

Prize pool Community Goal

The reason for such a steep rise could be because of the added attraction in the Battle Pass by the title of “Prize Pool Community Goal”. According to the goal, Valve has planned to award every single owner of the Battle Pass with 10,000 bonus Battle Points if the grand sum of the Prize Pool reached the last year’s threshold of $24,787,916l. Moreover, another tally of 10,000 Battle Points will also be awarded if the grand total of prize pool reaches $30,000,000.

It seems to have worked for Valve since, at the moment of this writing, the total prize pool is $12,518,400. Last year on this day, the TI7 prize pool was $210,507 (1.93%) less than this total of TI8.

Ti8 aiming to have biggest prize pool

So, at the moment it is safe to assume that this year will have one of the biggest tournaments in the competitive history of Dota 2. We cannot say for sure that the Prize Pool will cross last year’s digits, but on paper, it looks like it might just do. Only time will the future of the prize pool saga. There are more than two months left for the TI8, and it is possible that in the long term, the lowest number of active players will impact the grand total. But there is a possibility that those who are biggest lovers of the game, decide to collaborate to keep alive the flame of Dota 2 in the face of new threats.

So, go and buy the Battle Pass and enjoy the awards that come with it. A quarter of the Battle Pass amount goes into the Prize Pool funding. This year it includes unique matchmaking queues, custom lane creeps and much more. There is also a unique game mode! Named “The Underhollow” where each team will consist of three players will fight for survival and recover the Roshan cheese.

This will keep you engaged until the arrival of The International 8 that is set to take place on August 20th.