A Memory Lane Down the LoL Community.


What transformations has the League faced in Recent Years?

LoL is a game with a very huge community and Millions of eager fans. But after almost 10 years of the initial release, the LoL community has changed drastically.

This might not seem “drastic” at first when you have been a regular player for so long, but when you try to map it yearly on a large scale, you might realize.

PLAYERS: Then Vs Now

Back during the initial release, the people were new to the League and played for fun or to master the season or the champions. There was no ambition in the players to be recognized worldwide and earn a fortune. The situation for current players is absolutely a contradiction. There is a drive among majority of current players to achieve something more. There are people who start coaching to play League to get a good scholarship for college admission, yes that’s true “Scholarship”.

Mephitic or not?

Now we all know how much renowned and “distinguished” it is for being mephitic than an average gaming community. People are unrelenting to new players. New players get shit talked by their own team, making it very distressing to play, they are very self-centred.

What’s overlooked?

After all, an important matter people generally miss-fire when talking about the LoL Community is the increment of viewers in the recent years.

And the increment is “MASSIVE” I would say, not very normal. It has surpassed the concurrent viewership of “CS: GO”, “DOTA: 2”, one of the highest watched television shows “Game of Thrones” and also many well-known Sports championships very comfortably.

Coming back to “Toxicity”, people have assumed that the high toxicity affecting the community is due to viewers generating a significant portion of the community.

But let us not forget the fact that almost 70 – 80 percentage of LoL viewers are players themselves. On the contrary, we can also argue that as the trend of E-sports increases, more viewers (including non-players) will gradually be attracted to it.

What’s going on lately?

Talking about a portion of the Twitch viewership decline in recent months, many people say that the time has arrived for the so-called and highly predicted “Death Of League”, everyone has foretold this a million times before and it has been the same result as always.

It is not that league is declining, it is the fact that Fortnite has so much publicity, thanks to Shroud, Ninja, drake and Travis Scott dominating the Twitch’s mass viewership. Once the Fortnite hype dies in few months, League is expected to top the charts once again.

What does the future hold?

It is almost impossible to predict what the future holds for the League. However, it is expected to grow with time and with the advancement of E-sports. We as the players continue to level up and companies will profit up as we don’t forecast “Death Of League” to be approaching anytime soon.