EU LCS Summer Split 2018 Preview


EULCS Summer Split 2018

Time to start the countdown to the EU LCS Summer Split. European League of Legends Championship Summer Split series will return on the fifteenth of June. Once again, the games will appear on Friday and Saturday.

During the series, the games will be broadcasted on Friday and Saturday at the same hours like the previous season, means the show will begin at 6 pm on Fridays and 5 pm on Saturdays. All the Summer Split matches will be available to watch in multiple languages such as German, English, French, Spanish, and Polish. And of course, they will be streamed on the official Riot Games’ YouTube and Twitch channels too.  

The Summer Split’s format also remains unchanged, and your favourite squad will be playing the games every day of the Split, and all the teams will compete against each other at least twice during the regular season. Each side will face the same opponent twice, during the nine-week long season full of competition at the highest level.

The EU LCS Summer Split introduces new Faces

Getting ready for the season, the European teams made several changes to their roster. So, are you ready to meet the new players?


Milo Wehnes lost his place as the jungler in the team, who was going to replace him, however, kept uncertainty. It turns out new woodsman of  Schalke will be none other than Maurice Stuckenschneider, famous for a player for the team Origen and Fnatic, Solo Mid, returning to the EU LCS after the small adventure with casting the games from the studio.


A new player named as Risto Lurri, who is going to join the roster. He appears in the EU LCS challenger series and the 2018 ESL Meisterschaft. The Giants team also hired a new coach who controls the team, Kublai Barlas with the former head coach, named as Romon Meseguer, now revolving around the strategic aspects of the team.


The team assigned the marksman position to Attila. Just chill, Amadeu Carvalho getting bored of his nickname, Minitroupax.


The stakes during the EU LCS Summer Split are even higher level, as the team who conquer the matches automatically advances to the Worlds 2018, while the remaining teams will have to move for championship points and prize money. The winner of the series and the team with the most championship points will advance to the Worlds, and the remaining four teams will compete against each other for a place in the regional finals. Every team, who had participated during the spring EU LCS will able to take part in the Summer Split. If you have forgotten them, here, they are with their current championship points such as Fnatic (90 points), G2 Esports (70), Splyce (50), Vitality (30), Team Roccat (10), H2K (10), and more.

Finals of EULCS are heading to Madrid

The series lets you get ready to go back to the beautiful city that saw some of the massive matches in the history of Europe when the European League of Legends Championship travels to Madrid, Spain for the Summer Finals.

Three years ago the EU LCS was hosted by Madrid, the capital of Spain for the 2015 Spring Finals, where the Unicorns of Love and Fnatic battled in their legendary series in front of one of the most potent crowds in Europe. Now, this time to see if the history will repeat itself when the European League of Legends comes back to the Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid.