EU LCS: Summer Split 2018 – week 4 review


Week 4 has been unique for the Summer Split 2018 as we witnessed Misfits, G2, Vitality and Fnatic topping the charts this time.


  • H2K vs VIT (9:30 PM)

        Vitality beats H2K but with Selfie (H2K) grabbing the Largest Killing Spree (Four) as well as Largest Multi-Kill (Two) by playing Talon.

        Vitality clearly dominated the game in the Champion Kills, Gold Earned and Total Damage.

        The match was clearly in the hands of team Vitality and between 18 to 22 minutes, all hopes for H2K clearly vanished.

  • GIA vs S04 (10:30 PM)

        FC Schalke 04 beat Giants Gaming with Nukeduck (S04) scoring the Largest Killing Spree (9) by playing Kai’Sa and steeelback (GIA) getting Largest Multi-Kill (Three) by playing Ezreal.

        FC Schalke 04 dominated in terms of Champion kills, Wards placed and Gold Earned but Total damage dealt by Giants was pretty high compared to FC Schalke 04.

        The matches seemed well balanced at the start, progressing to Giants leading. But on the 32nd minute, FC Schakle 04 started leading on objectives and gave an important arc to the game flow and eventually achieving the win at the ultimate moment by scoring major kills and destroying an inhibitor.

  • ROC vs UOL (11:30 PM)

        ROCCAT beats Unicorns of Love with Memento (ROC) getting the Largest Killing Spree (Three) as well as Largest Multi-Kill (Two) by playing Camille.

        ROCCAT was leading the Champion Kills, Gold Earned, and Wards Placed but Unicorns of Love was almost 3.5k Total Damage ahead of ROCCAT.

        The only time Unicorns was in the vanguard, 2 minutes into the match where it was barely 1 point ahead of ROCCAT. Other than that, ROCCAT totally outplayed Unicorns of Love.

  • SPY vs FNC (12:30 AM)

        SPLYCE beats FNATIC with Xerxe (SPY) getting the Largest Killing Spree by playing Camille and Odoamne (SPY) with largest multi-kill(Two) playing Rumble.

        Splyce was clearly in the lead in Total Damage, Wards placed, Champion kills and gold earned. Splyce took the game to an unprecedented level with scoring 25 total kills and Fnatic with only 6.

        This summer split, such performance from Fnatic was least expected. Even after such a defeat, it holds a prominent place in the leaderboards.

  • MSF vs G2 (1:30 AM)

        Misfits beat G2 Esports with Alphari (MSF) grabbing the Largest Killing Spree (Four) as well as Largest Multi-Kill (Two) by playing Dr. Mundo.

        Misfits outplayed G2 Esports leading the Champion Kills, Gold Earned and Wards Placed. But G2 dealt more Total Damage to Misfits.

        The match was unusual and well balanced with Misfits taking the lead at 30th minute. This was the seventh constant win by Misfits crash to zero defeats and leading the leader-boards this split.



  • UOL vs H2K (8:30 PM)

        H2K faces second defeat this week and eighth of this split (Zero Wins) against Unicorns of Love. With Selfie (H2K) again grabbing the Largest Killing Spree (Five) playing Orianna. And Exileh (UOL) with Largest Multi-Kill(Two) playing Zoe.

        Unicorns claimed their third win after leading throughout the game, starting from the Fourth minute.

With current performance, there are no more hopes for H2K to barely get to the top 3 in leadreboards.

  • S04 vs SPY (9:30 PM)

        After securing third win of this split on Friday, SPLYCE had to withstand their 5th loss with FC SCHAKLE 04 winning and balancing their wins – losses.

        Upset (S04) showcased an impressive performance with the Largest Multi-Kill (3) and Killing Spree (5) as Vladimir.

  • G2 vs GIA (10:30 PM)

        After a defeat against FC Schalke 04 on Friday, Giants managed to claimed their 2nd win against G2 Sports which has nevertheless managed to stay ahead after only 2 losses.

        Perkz (G2) was a star player to lead the Largest Multi-Kill (2) and Killing Spree (6) as Aatrox.

  • FNC vs ROC (11:30 PM)

        After a defeat from Splyce on Friday, Fnatic still somehow defeated Roccat who is currently standing at 4 Wins- 4 losses.

        Broxah (FNC) got the Largest Multi-Kill (3) and Killing Spree (4) as Kindred.

        Fnatic pretty much outplayed Roccat in all aspects of gameplay, and managed to cover up the performance they showcased against Splice on Friday.

  • VIT vs MSF (12:30 AM)

        Misfits secured their 8th victory against Vitality with 0 losses, making it the most valuable team this split. Misfits is currently number 1 in the leader boards with no compromise to the win-loss ratio.

        Once more Alphari (Mifits) was the player having Largest Multi-Kill (2) and Largest Killing Spree (4) as Dr. Mundo, like Friday.

        Although a win, but it was not an easy match for the Misfits as G2 Sports was leading the match most of the time. Misfits managed to win by pushing and destroying an inhibitor around 33 to 35 minutes.

Team Leader-Boards:

        Misfits is currently dominating the leader-boards with eight wins and zero losses. Most likely, it will be on top till the end of week 5 or 6, unless other teams step up their games.

        Following Misfits is G2 Esports on number two.

        On number three, Fnatic is allocating the place with Team Vitality.

Players Leader-Boards:

        The elite player this split is Alphari from Misfits, annihilating it with impressive 21.8 K-D Ratio.

        Following Alphari are Sencux and Perkz from Misfits and G2 Esports respectively with 13.6 And 13.5 K-D Ratio.

Week 5 Preview:

Week 5 Schedule is as follows:

Day 1: FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2018

Day 2: SATURDAY, JULY 21, 2018