LEC: Spring Split 2019 – week 6 review [Fierce battle for playoffs]


The second of the round robin is where we have seen teams boost up their play style and approach, and the week 6 of LEC 2019 proved to be no exception.

We witnessed a number of teams step up the fight to get the playoff spots and as expected they are mostly the bottom features of the leader boards. Now arises the point of discussion, which team had attained success in its renewed play style and efforts.

Quick Summary:

Moving on from week 5, LEC 2019 Spring Week 6 was played on the patch 9.3, but there were significant differences to be observed.

Karthus is on the less priority as of this patch this split. But, he is relatively troublesome to deal with, if provided with farm and stacks of dark harvest. Yorik is chosen by teams to handle the top lane. For jungle, Ivern is picked a lot along with Elise or Olaf.

And talking about the mid lane, it’s almost reserved for LeBlanc, Lissandra, Orianna and Zoe. Zoe provides a perfect matchup for Lissandra and same is with LeBlan and Orianna with Zoe. Not much change or weird picks have been observed yet for the bottom lane.

Week 5 Standings:

1st: G2 Esports (11-1) [Locked a playoff berth]

2nd: Team Vitality (8-4) [Locked a playoff berth]

3rd and 4th: FC Schalke 04 Esports and Splyce (7-5)

5th, 6th, and 7th: Misfits Gaming, Origen, and SK Gaming (6-6)

8th: Fnatic (5-7)

9th and 10th: Excel Esports and Rogue (2-10)

G2 seemed to had a plan for redemption of their loss in the previous week against Origen. They had some flaws, but did not repeat the mistake and kept on winning. They were too strong during the middle and the concluding periods of the game. G2 is still standing strong with a seat for playoffs reserved for themselves.

Following G2, we have Vitality who also have a spot reserved for the playoffs. It looks like the lousy performance of FC Schalke 04 and their awakening is what led them to this place.

Sharing the 3rd and 4th rankings are FC Schalke 04 (which still has some room for improvement) and Splyce. Misfits, Origen and SK Gaming are similarly share the 5th ,6th and 7th ranks, with Fnatic finally starting to rise. SK owns the tiebreaker with their 2-0 record against Fnatic.

As for the bottom feeders we know that Excel eSports and Rogue need to say “so long” to the play offs.

Finishing reflections:

We have a pretty short way to go now, with just 3 more weeks. As the weeks get less, each battle counts more and teams will have lesser chances of improvement over time.

It might be just too soon to judge anything, as patch 9.4 is lying up ahead and can change the event upside down with the nerfs and buffs it comes with.

We do, and we will keep wondering about what is next on the big tables. So please let us know any of your thoughts and which army do you support and why in this eye-popping battle of Europe.