LEC: Spring Split 2019 – week 7 review: Bloodshed for Playoffs commence


Week 7 marks starting of the final portion of Spring Split and LEC. With many of the fan favorite teams resting with a secured spot in the play-offs, rest of the teams have final opportunities for reserving a sweet seat for play-offs for themselves. A total of 6 teams out of the 10 move on to the gauntlet after nine-week long time-period of this split.

Quick Summary and team statuses:

As of now, eight Europian teams are still in contention for a play-offs ticket with only G2 Esports having secured their play-off spot already, while Rogue and Excel are pretty much out of concentration.

For the Origen squad, it was a relatively critical week, they faced off against both Splyce and Vitality this week. With them only being the one to defeat G2, they are familiar with failures as well. They pretty much boosted Fnatic’s return to contention. After which, they proceeded to drop a followup match against Misfits and finish off the week with two defeats and providing them a straight-forward place for the play-offs.

Fnatic seems to ultimately have picked up itself and had a pretty cool comeback     when they met FC Schalke 04. Talking about, FC Schalke 04 and Splyce, both teams have had a brutal week and it looks like it will be getting even tougher.

Vitality against Misfits was a mildly unusual match as well. The Misfits squad shares somewhat of a similar situation as with Origen. Beating the said squad, they are now back in conflict for the pay-off seeds and a preferable position on the leader boards as well. They managed to get a 2-win week unlike Origen. It is more than likely that Misfits squad will continue with a similar pace while facing up against Vitality. Excel unexpectedly beat SK Gaming, and Origen lost a close battle against Splyce. These victories and losses could prove to be compelling for each of the teams mentioned above.

Week 7 MVPS:

Lucas “Saken” Fayard from Vitality, showcased exceptionally well performance in his first LEC game. Laning against Febiven is a colossal task that one of the younger mid talents should be delighted of.

Joran “Special” Scheffer from Excel has been praised overall for subbing out Exile. He styled on Pirean at mid, scoring several kills from mid to late in the game.

Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski from G2 proved to be a really good jungler, dominating the opposition in the early stages of the game.

Don’t expect just anything “YET”:

Regardless of what goes down in the play-offs, I can assure you that all teams are going to try their best to reserve a seat in the post season, leaving a blast of entertainment for us to absorb.

Its LEC baby and who knows what can happen. It is actually impossible to judge and pick any team for the big win too early in the season.

Irrespective of the previous statement, we have and we will keep wondering about what is next on the big tables. So please let us know any of your thoughts and which army do you support and why in this eye-popping battle of Europe.