Fascinating facts about League of Legends you seemingly don’t know:


League of Legends, as you presumably know is one of the prominent games of the whole gaming industry.

            With almost 10 years since its initial release, we have never found ourselves fatigued to unravel anything related to the League.

            So here are a few astonishing facts discovered from the crooks and corners of the Internet, you will absolutely love to read:

  • USA visa immigration services currently consider League of Legends as sports, so e-sports professionals are now recognized under the same category as skilled athletes are.
  • Almost 6 – 7 years ago, RIOT decided to jump on the trend widespread throughout the gaming community. They wanted people to play League of Legends for the similar reason they played World of Warcraft or any other game. In fact, they were so close, that in the old clients “achievements” tab was added next to the Spells tab, but it was greyed out for 2 whole years followed by its removal.
  • There is a decent fact surrounding Tryndamere (both the character and co-founder of RIOT), but majority of the people do not know the full story backing it. In the ancient lore, Tryndamere had to marry ash to keep peace in north and give people a sense of united nation. There was absolutely no attraction or love between them, they did purely for political reasons. So, nothing seems wrong here. But did you know that Tryndamere’s (Mark Marrow’s) wife is called Ashley and Ash was called after her. Adding to it, the funny thing to note here is that it all is just a massive coincidence. They didn’t get married in game to reflect their real-life relationship. In fact, the creative design team had no idea that ash was named after Tryndamere’s wife. Even Mark Mero confirmed this in one of his indeed old Reddit AMAs.
  • The original LoL spectator was actually a sixth player with a summoner spell that let them ignore fog of war adding to this, they had to rush banshees veil whenever there was a karthus in game.
  • Gragas brews his beer (Graggy Ice, mentioned in the Brolaf skin) from crystalline waters in Freijord, Ashe’s domain. He apparently offered a lot of money for exclusive access to those waters.
  • The famous Italian fencing master Fiore dei Liberi had a massive influence on martial arts, due mainly to his illuminated manuscripts which have survived for over 600 years. In League of Legends, the character Fiora uses fencing as her fighting style and she possesses a remarkably similar name.
  • The BF Sword in League of Legends is a relatively expensive basic item that does about 50 attack damage. For all one knows, it fetches a premium price because it’s got that “90s cool” attitude straight from Doom’s most over-the-top weapon – BFG9000.
  • If you combine all the binary numbers that Nunu bot says on his death, it results into “Noob”.