Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is thriving globally:


Developed by Respawn Entertainment and Published by EA, Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale game, released on February 4, 2019. Since the initial release, it has been an overall well acclaimed title. It has also pitched a heavy competition against Epic’s Fortnite, already attracting 50 Million players.

If you are not yet aware about the booming title, you might be probably missing out on some fascinating Battle Royale experience. Respawn has done a really amazing work with Apex, first to mention the surprised announcement, followed by launch in just a week, again backed up by a really smooth and polished gameplay on release.

Now is the right time to jump into the Apex Legends scene with the game itself growing with the community in a really positive direction.

With that all being said, lets jump into what’s going on lately in the Titanfall inspired Battle Royale.      

Battle Passes incoming:

The fan favorite is launching its much awaited first season the day after. The news is coming straight from the developer’s announcement. The first season, dubbed Wild Frontier, is priced at $9.50 for three months, along with a new legend “Octane”. For $28, you get the battle pass with first 25 tiers unlocked straightaway.

Respawn has took a Fortnite style approach regarding the battle royale passes. The pass comes with a leveling system from 1 – 100, with free rewards for every tier. However, it is not true in context to leveling up tiers, which will be strictly based on experience points, unlike Fortnite. 

Respawn Stepping up against hackers:

The devs of Apex have faced a massive problem, which is increasing in recent weeks. Huge number of cheaters are trying to bypass Respawn’s anti-cheat to gain unfair advantage in-game.


Even professional players such as team SoloMid’s Colton ‘Viss’ Vinnier have encountered these players in-game, while streaming. He suspected and spectated the hackers named ‘mr-DaShXian’ to see if he was manipulating game’s anti-cheat for kills.

He even joked he hoped Respawn was watching to get the player banned, which turned out to be true. The cheater then froze before being booted offline.

Another story coming up related to hackers is that a hacker was not able to control speed and fell off the map. Funny right?

However, mods are doing their best and have reportedly banned over 16000 cheaters so far.

Apex making its way into the eSports:

Over the recent weeks, established eSports teams have been gathering Apex Legends squads. There has been a ton of announcements, regarding TS, 100 Thieves, Gen. G and NRG, flocking up Apex teams.

It seems though, that the devs are not yet ready to jump into the eSports as of now.

Ninja and Apex:

It is no secret that popular streamer Ninja is has earned a ton of money from promoting and partnering up with Apex Legends. He was paid $1 Million to publicize the game when it was released. However, there have been multiple reports that the Streamer is earning considerably loads of money from streaming the well-acclaimed title.

Stay tuned, and we will bring such amazing articles soon.