LEC: Spring Split 2019 – week 8 review: The show gets bitter.


With week 7 departing and us in wonders and doubts about the play-offs reservation for our favorite teams, it is time to clear the fog and get a clear picture of what is going on. But again it is highly possible that week 8 can make the standings much more complicated as split is coming to a close.

We noticed pretty consistent leader board rankings from only G2 Esports, else it is possible for every team from 2 – 8 standings to go up or down.

Quick Summary and team statuses:

The battle was bitter, as mentioned before, thanks to the score boards for placing the 7 – 9 ranked teams up against the bottom two in the league at 6 – 10. The week was undoubtedly a massive win – win for FC Schalke 04, and their victories over Giants gaming as well as G2 Esports could be considered exceptional. On top of that FC Schalke 04 featured amazing scores.

H2k displayed fierce performance as well, which does not happen absolutely frequently. They defeated G2 Esports. Also as many expected, Splyce emerged victorious during a battle against Misfits. Both H2k and Splyce came out to be the lowest scoring winners of the day.

Schalke dominated Giants and then Vitality wrecked Unicorns of Love rightfully. The games were juicy and spicy.

Fnatic suffered brutally, but they won as well.

Moving on to Saturday, Roccat, Giants and Schalke purely led the charge, by beating the teams that were ranked pretty higher than them on the leader boards.

Misfits lost to Giants, Splyce was no match for H2k this week, but they did manage to get one win. 

Top Picks:

  • Norskeren and Mystiques’ Thresh: Thresh users managed to secure early – game advantages in the bot lane and spiralled that into strong roams and map control. Norskeren provided lockdown strength against G2’s frontline threats.
  • Odoamne’s Kennen: Schalke 04 seemed slow in their 6 loss streak, facing off a battle against Misfits gaming. In end Schalke 04 prevailed, with Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu’s Kennen setting up Misfits undoing. The game was cogently over, the moment he teleported top – side. 
  • Bwipo’s Aatrox: With a week in hands, Fnatic and Misfits had to ascertain their postion for playoffs. With such significant stakes, it was hard to imagine that the top – lane matchup (Gabriel “bwipo” Rau’s Aatrox vs paul “sOAZ” Boyer’s Renekton) would become such crucial. The matchup of Conqueror rune, however, fell into favour of Bwipo from five minutes onward. 
  • Broxah’s Karthus: Fnatic moved a spot closer to entering the playoffs, which was unforeseen to be likely for them. With excel on the other end, and they picked a composition with several relatively strong lanes and Karthus as an amplifier in the jungle. Broxah showed off Karthus’ abilities exceptionally well. 
  • Wunder’s Camille: G2 Esports entered week 8 with a specified target, or at least what it looked to be. They wanted to secure prime position before week 9 commences. Camille, at her best is a potential split pusher accompanied by strong team fight starting tools and a duellist but a fatal one.

Let us know any of your thoughts and which army do you support and why in this eye-popping battle of Europe.