LEC: Spring Split 2019 – week 9 review: End of the battle


With Spring Split about to finally end, we still have no clue which team is going out to playoffs.

After last week’s farce on the Rift, we finally have four teams with their playoff seats reserved, but we also have still 4 more hoping. Only G2 Esports has ultimately secured a spot with a 13 – wins and 3 – Looses score line, and are about to out-throw everyone else.

Quick Summary:

Last week we had OG, Splyce and Vitality as winners, who secured their playoff spots and are currently on a tie with 10 – Wins, 6 Looses in the standings.

The worst performer last week was Misfits, having a dreadful 0-2 week and are now looking forward for chances of a tiebreaker or possibly a miracle for them to get a playoff reservation.

Coming to Fnatic, it was one of the teams responsible for Misfits’ dreadful position on leader boards. Fnatic is facing an identical week as Misfits, going on against both Splyce and G2 in their two end games.

However, Fnatic retains an advantage of 2 wins extra over their competition and even with a 0-2 week, they might a moderately decent chance to succeed and enter the playoffs.

We have SK Gaming and Schalke 04 are try-hard this split for a playoffs stop. Both teams have a reasonably high chance of making into playoff and both have a mixed hard and easy week ahead of them.

Whatever, it is more than likely this week that we get to see a ton of tie – breakers either for playoffs contention or for seeding. 

Team power rankings:

  1. G2 Esports ( 13 – 3 ): Still the soundest team in LEC, but other teams are surely catching up to it.
  2. Fnatic ( 9 – 7 ): Fnatic is not a huge ray of hope for many, but it brings along a unusual twist to any match, and we do desire that.
  3. Origen ( 10 – 6 ): Trying to finish second, but not in the spotlight as of now.
  4. Vitality ( 10 – 6 ): After a convincing victory against Rogue, they gained lead against G2 Esports.
  5. Splyce ( 10 – 6 ): Destroyed G2 Esports and SK Gaming, so heads up for them.
  6. Schalke 04 ( 8 – 8 ): They had a pretty well convincing comeback, after a dreadful loss against Misfits.
  7. Misfits ( 9 – 9 ): No heads up for misfits, but it could be changed if they play EXCEPTIONALLY well.
  8. SK Gaming ( 7 – 9 ): Missed their chances, and outh-thrown by Origen and Splyce.
  9. EXCEL ( 4 – 12 ): It has potential, but while facing Fnatic, Fnatic was solely on another level.
  10. Rogue ( 2 – 14 ): Dead in water, most inferior team. 


The end of the LEC 2019 Spring Split is going to be extremely exciting. There are so multiple possibilities and match-ups waiting in front of us.

It is highly possible for G2, Origen, Vitality, Splyce and Schalke 04 to advance to playoffs with a fantastic tie-breaker between Origen and Vitality.