G2 Heading to finals after beating Origen: Story of a thrilling adventure


It is of no wonder that the bar for expectation was set pretty high for the G2 vs Origen Playoffs battle, as it was consistently predicted and also hinted by the power rankings in our previous article that both G2 Esports and Origen would make it into the playoffs.

G2’s noticeable beginning for LEC Spring Split 2019 was astonishing and widely admired. On the other hand, Origen left a mark with its rise to second place which was remarkable.

G2’s Journey this split:

Going back to start of G2’s journey, we witness the bold and outstanding teamwork and playstyle that G2 is determined to. Rarely we see any pop-outs of any weakness from this top league team.

G2 has rightfully justified that it is one of the most valuable teams currently. Initial weeks were a real roller coaster for G2, as they witnessed no losses and stood undefeated broadcasting to their dominance to their competitors.

With the patch 9.3 set into action somewhere along the mid-season, G2’s first loss was against Origen. G2 did attempt it’s best trying to alter the course of game but Origen ended up snatching away a prominent victory and thrashing their picture-perfect score.

The weakness of G2 observed in this match was that they clearly failed in catching up with Origen claiming more and more objectives. G2 was lagging behind in the objective aspects of wrecking towers, Inhibitors, Barons and Dragons.

Only just after that, G2 had another successful week securing a playoff berth, and they clearly learned from their mistakes from the previous week loss.

Coming to players, “Jankos” Jankowski proved to remain a brilliant juggler in the post-mid season. Wunder, alongside, showcased impressive Camille push.

G2, in addition had a couple of losses but looking at them advance to finals, they manifestly improvised and adapted to unusual circumstances. Which indeed proves a point here that G2 has a strength to learn from previous mistakes. A trait that is plainly missing in many of their competitors.

Sweet G2 revenge:

Masses speculated about G2 not being as strong as they were in initial phase of the season and how Origen is strong enough take out G2 with clever plays and macro strategies. Well, the predictions backing Origen were shattered with G2 dominating Origen in three games.

G2 demonstrated clever teamwork and great decision making from the mid-late match, as Origen was in the lead in primary match. However, it came being the only match where Origen exhibited some signs of their strength.

G2 pressured Origen to cleave their attention. They snuck a risky Baron undetected by Origen, which proved to be fruitful. The match ended on a great Ryze Realm Warp by Rasmus “Caps” Winther into Origen’s base while Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski stole the Elder Drake.

With the primary match being the only match where Origen showed some hope and G2 winning, rest was all in the hands of G2 to snatch a place to finals.

G2 Esports is directly placed directly for finals, where the winner from Fnatic vs Origen will confront them.

It is definitely going being exciting, let us know what are your expectations for the team facing G2 in finals in the comments below and stay tuned for upcoming articles.