Fnatic and Origen: Story so far


With Fnatic and Origen picking up a significant spot in the playoffs this Spring split – LEC 2019, let us go back to where the journey started, now that it has come to an end. This split was dramatic and unexpected beyond limits but it was sure an entertaining one.

In this article we will be covering stories of Fnatic and Origen so far. And additons will be coming soon.

The team that necessitates no introduction – Fnatic:

We start the recap going back to the initial weeks of LEC Spring Split 2019. It required 3 weeks for the major-league team Fnatic as we recognize it to achieve their initial victory, still ranked at ninth place.

During early-mid season, Fnatic tried getting to be where it deserved to be. It seemed that play style followed in early split had loopholes, which made them weaker, but they improvised by learning from it.

Week 7 was where Fnatic ultimately picked up itself and had a stunning comeback from bottom. The match that turned the tides for Fnatic was the one against FC Schalke 04.

Fnatic suffered brutally in the week 8 but won as well. One of their ultimate strengths displayed in week 8 was Bwipo’s Aatrox. sOAZ’s pick was nothing compared to top picked: Aatrox by Bwipo. The lane match up ultimately fell in the hands of Fnatic’s Bwipo.

Also, Nemesis is a potential rising talent for Fnatic, as it was clearly demonstrated by his impressive play of Lissandra against more explosive mid-laners.

A perfect and consistent week for Fnatic was week 9 where they retained a 2-win advantage over their competition. They had a moderately decent chance of making it in to the playoffs.

As power rankings suggested in our previous article, Fnatic was relatively strong and did brought twisted matchups for their opponents.

Has hopes up high – Origen:

Compared to Fnatic, this Spring split was less dramatic for Origen overall. However, Origen had ups and downs but was consistent and paced averagely on the leaderboards for initial weeks.

Infact, it was placed highly and held there for a while during what can be considered mid-season.

Not to forget that that it was the first team to score victory against G2 Esports in this split.
Patrik (Ezreal), Alphari(Kennen), Kold (Karthus) and NukeDuck (Zed) collectively were the excellent team to steer down the raging streak of G2. 

The strength of Origen seemed to be thtat they actually co-ordinate and focus on all aspects of the match rather than sticking to either of them.

After defeating G2Esports, Origen was not indeed in the spotlight for a couple of weeks, during which they lost against Fnatic and boosted up Fnatic’s return to contention.

In the last week, Origen was back with a surprising score of 10 – 6. With Origen as well, it made into playoffs, which was also as expected in our previous article’s power rankings.

What is next?

Will Fnatic and Origen perform well in their battles during the LEC 2019 playoffs?

What do you expect? Whom do you support? And why? Let us know in the comments and stay updated with our upcoming corresponding article, to be published soon.