MSI Preview – Story of the Dream Team: SK Telecom T1


When it comes to League of Legends, SK Telecom T1 is the dream team that needs literally no introduction. Being the most accomplished League of Legends team with two Mid-Season Invitational titles, five League of Legends Korea trophies, along with three World Championships, the South Korean Legends are nothing but fully prepared to secure one more Mid-Season Invitational title.

The tough road:

The previous year has been a hard hit on the South Korean League of Legends which can be justified by a terrific loss in the MSI Finals 2018 against KingZone DragonX accompanied by a shocking exit from the quarterfinals at the League of Legends World Championship 2018. It was first time in around seven years that South Korea was not recognized as the best region in the world.

That being stated, MSI 2019 represents a more meaningful battle for SK Telecom T1 and the South Korean LoL as a whole.


As you already know that 2018 was a significant downfall for SK telecom T1, well it appears that the case is no more the same.

SKT Telecom T1 went ahead and made a huge roster change, adding of the greatest League of Legends player to exist, Faker.

Team Members:

  • Top Lane: KHAN
  • Jungle: CLID
  • Mid lane: FAKER
  • Bottom Lane: TEDDY
  • Support: MATA

After the changes, it was just a matter of time before the all-star roster develops amazing chemistry. During the Spring Split, the hopes were high, but the first half of it was a disappointment for the new roster. However, that was not it, SKT Telecom T1 had a remarkable comeback in the second half of the spring split. They managed to get back before it was too late for the team.

Faker, as always lived up to the expectations, but the bright star of the roster was Teddy, as he showed the importance of perma-banning Ezreal, irrespective of their opponent.

Mata’s support style is somewhat related to protecting ADC. He chooses to play the “guardians” instead of “playmaking” and manages to carry out his tough job leaving no mistakes behind.

About Clid, he has been in a position to carry SKT consistently throughout the year. With around 73 percent win rate over the course of 19 matches played with Lee Sin, he is noticed for a personal as well as team success.

Hopes for the Mid Season:

Honestly, majority of the fans including us have expectations set up dramatically high for SK Telecom T1 when it comes to MSI 2019. It would be kind of disappointing if SKT is unable to emerge on top in this battle.

Regardless of who claims the trophy, the MSI 2019 battle is going to be like no other. We have a ton to analyze and cover, so stay tuned and updated. New updates and articles are on their way to you.