MSI Semifinals, Match 1 Preview: Invictus Gaming vs. Team Liquid


As Invictus Gaming finished first, which is followed by Sk Telecom just behind it, Invictus Gaming had the option to choose one from the two western teams left in the MSI 2019 tournament.

It is going to be a perfect East vs. West bracket, this mid-Season Invitational. Invictus Gaming picked Team Liquid as their opponent, which is arguably the easier setup compared to G2 Esports’ and Team Liquids’ overall performance.

This is going to be the first time both teams are encountering each other in a best – of – five match series. However, iG also won both of the best – of – 1 games against Liquid in previous MSI 2019 setups.   

Group stage analysis:

As we know iG for its aggressive play style in all the tournaments, this time it is no difference. It was not shocking anymore to see iG win both the matches, finishing the first in around 33 minutes and second in around 29 minutes. The most noticeable play was observed for the mid-lane as mages and assassins were choices for both teams.

When it comes to top-lane, both teams drafted Kennen and Neeko, with both sides playing match-up. The junglers played conqueror champions, like Lee Sin, Rek’sai and Hecarim. However, good 2 v 2 matches have been entertaining us, when it comes to the bot lanes.

Team Liquid:

This time period has been sweet for Team Liquid, securing a spot in the top 4. It is the ideal time for Liquid, as they were unsuccessful to even clear the groups, last year in MSI. Anyways, It is not at all going to be a piece of cake for Liquid matching up against iG.

The positive side for TL is their picks and bans workaround. It would be crucial for Team Liquid to maintain the play style they managed to pull off against G2 Esports. If you do not remember, there was much emphasis on the mid, and Liquid ensured that Peter “Doublelift” Peng manages to damage in the late stages of the match. 

Invictus Gaming:

For iG as first timers in MSI, they are already dominating MSI 2019. However, few sloppy performances have been noticed, such as their loss against SK Telecom T1 in their last game. There will be no 10 – 0 for iG.

On the other hand, they have been victorious in the fastest game in an International tournament, rounding off to about 16 minutes, that too against SKT. The significant benefit is that Liquid will be pressurized for selecting bans, as jungler Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning has greatly played 7 different champions in the 10 games of the group stage.


To presume, based on general performance and observations, Invictus Gaming has a greater chance of defeating liquid, that too without many efforts. Best guess would be a 3-1, in favor of Invictus gaming.

However, Liquid has the potential to prove our expectations wrong and surprise us.


The first match for the MSI 2019 semifinals is scheduled on Friday, May 17 at 6:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Let us know what are your expectations and why. More articles are on your way, stay updated.