MSI Semifinals, Match 2 Preview: SK Telecom T1 vs. G2 Esports


After Invictus Gaming finished at first place on the leader boards, they selected to choose Team Liquid as their opponents for their semi-finals matchup. Invictus went for Liquid, considering G2 Esports’ and Team Liquid’s general performance.

This leaves us with an exciting G2 Esports vs SK Telecom T1 match, for the second game semi-final matchup. SKT has been overall successful defeating G2 in this matchup, having a 5 – 0 record, including the finals of MSI 2017. This is until MSI 2019.

This year, SKT has lost both of the played best – of – 1s matchup against the LEC Champions. It is a crucial matchup for both the teams and exciting for us as fans.

Groups stage anaylsis:

G2 has been consistently destroying their competition, irrespective of it being LEC or MSI. G2 was placed against SKT in two, best – of – 1s matches of the MSI 2019 groups stage. Both matches ended up in favour of G2.

Matchup 1:

The first game was harsh and a disappointment for SKT, G2 did not grant any mercy and just bashed out SKT in every stage of the game. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok was the sole SKT member who showed some impact from their side. Kim “Khan” Dong-ha and Park “Teddy” Jin-seong were barely able to stay relevant in the game, even though they tried hard. G2 was in the lead and had roughly 10k more gold than SKT, and Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski was star of the game. The game lasted around 27 minutes and was pretty “quick”, as SKT had a hard time destroying even a single turret, but it was too late even for that.

Matchup 2:

Moving on to the second game, SKT performance was low even when compared to their initial match against LEC winners. The game ended with G2 leading 12k in terms of gold. Rasmus “Caps” Winther was nothing but having a typical day playing League of Legends with 8/2/10 score line along with martin “Wunder” Hansen’s (who finished the game) 11/4/7 scoreline.


G2 has demonstrated unstoppable power since LEC, and has a more realistic chances to win, considering overall performance of both teams. However, SKT has chances pretty close but lower than G2.

The matchup is a best – of – five format. If we assume that SKT has done their homework and is ready to adapt to G2’s play style in the game, then SKT has a chance to pull off the gap and advance to finals of MSI, to secure yet another MSI winner trophy.


The match is scheduled on day 2 (Saturday), May 18, 2019 at Heping Basketball Gym, Taipei; 3:00 AM Estern Standard Time.     

Let us know what are your expectations and why. More articles are on your way, stay updated.