MSI 2019: G2 Esports set to battle Team Liquid for finals, End of Korean meta?


Before starting off with the article, let us take a moment to just reflect on how crazy and surprising the past two days have been. (Also a “moment of Silence” for Invictus Gaming)

First of all, Kudos to Team Liquid for delivering us such an amazing match forward to us. Despite being ignored and underrated the whole season, Team Liquid was assuredly at work. They managed to bring down Invictus Gaming, which was standing atop the whole mid-season and entered MSI as the favorites.

Coming to the second match, G2 Esports shows no signs of slowing down, even when faced against the three times MSI champion and world-favorite SK Telecom T1, with the legend “Faker” himself on board. It is not an overstatement to say that “G2 is literally dominating the World of League of Legends”.

Match 1: Invictus Gaming vs. Team Liquid

Team Liquid was at its peak performance and form during the semi-finals and made Invictus question their decision. Liquid came strong, sweeping away the first two consecutive matches.

Invictus managed to catch up with Liquid and forced a fourth game, by winning the third match and showing some hope. However, Liquid turned the tables and took the fourth match.

Song ‘Rookie’ Eui-jin from Invictus showcased skill full playstyle from Invictus, which allowed them some space in the third match.  

Match 2: G2 Esports vs. SK Telecom T1

The battle for finals was tough for both G2 and SKT, both were at an equal 2 – 2. However, G2 stole the concluding game from SKT.   

The first game was in the hands of SKT, where Wunder from G2 was destroyed very badly. But like always G2 does, he took it as an opportunity to learn and did not disappoint us.

The second game was won by G2 and battle went on batch and forth till both ended up at 2 – 2 after the fourth match. By the last match, it was just a matter of time, G2 headed to finals, with Wunder back in form along with an 11 – 3 – 1 K.D.A. which was a huge advantage for G2 when compared to his 0 – 5 – 3 K.D.A. in game one.  


The final battle is all set up, we have an all-western line up for the finals. It is North America’s surprise Team Liquid facing off against Europe’s (yet) undefeated force G2 Esports.

Both teams have fought hard for a place on finals, with G2 destroying the Korean Meta with a different approach and creativity.

The final match is set on Sunday, 19th of May 2019, EDT 03:00.

End of Korean Meta?

It would be too early to state that this is the end of Korean Meta and Asian Domination, but Western teams have surely leveled up to the point where healthy competition can be maintained.

It is extremely likely that Eastern teams will be back next year, stronger than ever.

For us, it is very refreshing to see such amazing match ups. It is a good sign that LoL is not heading the way like Overwatch, where it is virtually impossible to rival Korean teams.

We, as fans would enjoy more extraordinary battles as we did in MSI 2019. So stay tuned and watch out for more insightful articles.