G2 Continues streak and becomes MSI 2019 Champion:


Going back to MSI 2018, a year ago. We can remember G2 falling short a grand finals berth. Now back here, we witnessed G2 consequently attaining the titles of LEC 2019 Champion and MSI 2019 Champion, since Europe’s First International title in 2011.

The credits utterly go to the unique play style and approach followed by G2. All emphasis put on the latter is not enough.

G2 defeated North American giant: Team Liquid in the fastest best – of – five final in the history of League of Legends. All of the North American dreams crumbled due to the pressure exerted on the team as MSI 2019 being their first International final since 2016.

The final best – of – five:

G2 kept the upper hand in the battle from the start, by skirmishes before the minions spawned at the river, in the game on. Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in’s flash was drawn out very early by Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle, of which Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski took advantage to the maximum extent.

The pressure on Liquid was constant and G2 allowed no room to breathe for the North American squad.

The gap is closed:

As noticed previously, the world championships were all about the hype of western fans, expecting the “closing of the gap”, which rarely turned out to be the case after the tournaments.

2018 was the year assuring that the gap had gotten closer, but not closed with western teams securing 2nd to 4th positions in MSI.

We can now confidently confirm the gap has finally closed. The western teams rose; the time it was to fall for them. Liquid, starting off with spectacular comebacks. There were almost no hopes for Fnatic to advance to the grand finals, but they proved the masses wrong. One of the most genuine moments this MSI would be Team Liquid upsetting Invictus Gaming in semifinals.


Next we have G2 on a rampage with win streaks and stunning play styles They had to prove themselves again after they had done in the group stage and did not disappoint.

What about the Korean meta?

The meta for the last year had done no good for the Korean teams and their adapted playing style and approach. The times have gone for the graduate and calculated risks that LCK teams use to play and such an approach is not a healthy fit for the meta. One factor to be considered is the changes made by Riot to the game itself, it is crucial to adapt to such changes quickly.

However, fresh talent is surfaced when it comes to LCK, seen in teams like Sandbox Gaming and DAMWON Gaming. It would be thrilling to see more of such teams in the upcoming tournaments.

What now?

It is clear – cut fact that G2 is the world champion AS OF NOW. But it does not mean G2 is completely flawless, there are some downsides with G2 as we noticed when they lost 0 – 2 against Invictus Gaming in Group stage.

However, G2 demonstrates the tendency to learn rapidly in the short gap of time the team has between matches. This can definitely help G2 in the long run.

Whatever goes down in upcoming tournaments, we wish luck to all the teams and would not mind witnessing epic new play styles and a possible meta shift in later stages.

(All image sources: Google Images)