Teamfight Tactics: What is the Riot’s adaption of Auto Chess?


We have noticed Dota Auto Chess’ developing success in the more prior months of this year. Since League of Legends and Dota; being the biggest MOBA franchises in the world have created their own competing auto battlers. Teamfight Tactics and Dota Underlords, both are currently in beta and will definitely continue to expand and be modified in their own ways.

At the same time, each of the game has already demonstrated its own unique selling points and what makes it different from the other.

Teamfight Tactics: Origins

Adhering to the truth, the credit for the existence of both these games goes to the Auto Chess mod, created for Dota. Though both games are unique in its own ways, and the developers Valve and Riot seem to have put many efforts, one common thing that cannot be debated is that both of the Teamfight Tactics and Underlords by Dota are the product of their successful preexisting fantasies and lore.

However, if there has to be a winner among the two, that would be Teamfight Tactics. Riot has experimented with this genre and decided to include a twist by moving away from traditional 8 X 8 board and adopt a hex grid board. On top of it, chief mechanics have been implemented.


Teamfight Tactics is currently based on the original Auto Chess’ winning formula of Dota. Teamfight Tactics is the first auto battler that gives a free champion round, which makes the gameplay fun and offers an interactive and effective catch-up mechanism.

Mobile version?

Few days heretofore, it was considered a hard feat to actually get into a Teamfight Tactics, as it was available to players with access to League of Legends’ public test realm server. Even at that time, the wait was extremely lengthy, taking up to a few hours before the queue opened up.

Leaving that to the past, both Underlords and Teamfigfht Tactics is currently available to all, and getting in a match is easy compared to the past. Underlords is more accessible to players as it is available on steam with a large user base and also on major mobile platforms IOS and Android. 

Getting started:

As we know, auto chess games like such demand a certain level of the realm’s knowledge. Lack of such knowledge can be a barrier to being a successful player. Teamfight Tactics has around 50 champions to know about.


  • Eight vs Eight and free for all, where the team is assembled by players buying level one champions from a shared pool.
  • Five rounds in length; of which four are PvP rounds and one is PvE.
  • The last one to still retain health by the end of the match is a winner
  • Champions can be categorized as melee or ranged.
  • Mana is gained by dealing and taking damage, which can be used to activate a champion’s special ability.

Top champions

Here is our list of top six picks, that you might want to look out for and want them on your team:

  1. Nidalee
  2. Aurelion Sol
  3. Gnar
  4. Darius
  5. Sejuani
  6. Volibear

Stay updated for more Teamfight Tactics strategies, guides, and content. And don’t forget to let us know what you think about Underlords and Teamfight Tactics in the comments below.

(All image sources: Google Images)