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EU LCS: Summer Split 2018 – week 4 review

Week 4 has been unique for the Summer Split 2018 as we witnessed Misfits, G2, Vitality and Fnatic topping the charts this time. FRIDAY: H2K vs VIT (9:30 PM)         Vitality beats H2K but with Selfie (H2K) grabbing the Largest Killing Spree (Four) as well as Largest Multi-Kill (Two) by playing Talon.         Vitality clearly dominated the game in the … Read More

E-sports Scholarships: Scholarships for MOBA gamers

Remember when universities and colleges offered scholarships to top Sports players? Times have changed, now E-Sports remain a growing area of interest for students as well as universities. All those weary nights, staying up late to play games can finally pay off. Yes, that’s true. Being a fervent gamer these days is much more than fun and time pass. There … Read More

NA-EU Rift Rivals: Europe Settles the Score

Last year TSM helped North America (NA) secure bragging rights over Europe’s(EU) best teams and players as NA’s dominant run throughout Rift Rivals 2017 concluded with a 3-0 series win over EU’s Unicorns of Love in the 2017 Rift Rivals Finals.  This year, however, EU claimed bragging rights as they won a new, Relay Race format Bo5, 3-1.  Asked why … Read More

University League of Legends: The Future is Bright

League of Legends is growing.  And it’s growing fast. The first ever College League of Legends Championship between two varsity programs (programs that offer full or partial scholarships) took place this year (2018) when UC Irvine (UCI) beat Colombia College (CC), 3-0.  In previous years, the championship featured at least one team that was not considered varsity.  Last year Maryville … Read More

EU LCS Summer Split 2018 Preview

EULCS Summer Split 2018 Time to start the countdown to the EU LCS Summer Split. European League of Legends Championship Summer Split series will return on the fifteenth of June. Once again, the games will appear on Friday and Saturday. During the series, the games will be broadcasted on Friday and Saturday at the same hours like the previous season, … Read More

A Memory Lane Down the LoL Community.

What transformations has the League faced in Recent Years? LoL is a game with a very huge community and Millions of eager fans. But after almost 10 years of the initial release, the LoL community has changed drastically. This might not seem “drastic” at first when you have been a regular player for so long, but when you try to … Read More

Ti8 prize pool is on the right track

There are those who say that Dota 2 is dead and that other MOBAs and battle Royale games had taken away the limelight. However, the reception to launch the Battle Pass for the tournament The International 2018, has shown that the title Dota 2 has a very active community. They were just waiting for the right moment to show their … Read More

League of Legends patch 8.11 change list analysis

Yasuo Changes It must be said that patch 8.11 has particularly affected Yasuo as far as item build is considered. The basic build of the champion has been completely nerfed, resulting in a drastic drop in the early game impact of the Champion. The main changes in items: → Combat Gloves are more expensive (from 400 to 600), limiting the … Read More