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Fascinating facts about League of Legends you seemingly don’t know:

League of Legends, as you presumably know is one of the prominent games of the whole gaming industry.             With almost 10 years since its initial release, we have never found ourselves fatigued to unravel anything related to the League.             So here are a few astonishing facts discovered from the crooks and corners of the Internet, you will absolutely … Read More

LEC: Spring Split 2019 – week 7 review: Bloodshed for Playoffs commence

Week 7 marks starting of the final portion of Spring Split and LEC. With many of the fan favorite teams resting with a secured spot in the play-offs, rest of the teams have final opportunities for reserving a sweet seat for play-offs for themselves. A total of 6 teams out of the 10 move on to the gauntlet after nine-week … Read More

LEC: Spring Split 2019 – week 6 review [Fierce battle for playoffs]

The second of the round robin is where we have seen teams boost up their play style and approach, and the week 6 of LEC 2019 proved to be no exception. We witnessed a number of teams step up the fight to get the playoff spots and as expected they are mostly the bottom features of the leader boards. Now … Read More

LEC Spring Split 2019 Week 5, Match of the Week: G2 Win streak (9 – 0) finally fractured by the hands of Origen (Now 9 – 1)

We all saw marked it coming, even though it was all hiding in plain sight, the fact that it was not going to be a piece of cake for G2 to carry forward their winning rampage for far too long. It was at the hands of Origen, to close out the Week 5 (Sat – Sun, February 2019) of LEC … Read More

LEC: Spring Split 2019 – week 5 review

LEC 2019 Spring week 5 has been dissolved resulting into the conclusion of the first round robin along with the fact that the first matches for each team in the second round robin have passed as well. Quick Summary: It would be unfair to dis acknowledge the drastic changes that the patch 9.3 brought to the action. Primarily, the mid … Read More

LEC 2019 Week 1 – 4 brief recap:

We welcome all the League of Legends fans to our brief review of the first 4 weeks of LEC Spring Split 2019.  WEEK 1:  EU LCS (Oops my bad!) “LEC” Spring Split 2019 opening week was amusing for players as well as the audience as we witnessed diverse teams at the forefront, retain the bashing LEC gameplay. After all the actions that happened over the previous weekend, hither are the standings of the different LEC teams: 1st and 2nd: G2 Esports and Misfits … Read More

EU LCS (NOW LEC) Spring 2019: Europe LCS is back and Rebranded as Lol European Championship (LEC)

The starting dates for the League of Legends 2019 spring season in Germany has been announced. The region is currently recognized as the LEC (League of Legends European Championship), is franchised, and has many new sponsors, including Kia and Shell. After the 2018 League of Legends All-Stars Event, Riot Games announced the starting dates for each region. Among the vital regions, LPL and LMS will start the earliest on the 14th. LCK will commence the 16th, LEC on the 18th, and NA LCS on the 26th. First and foremost, the drastic changes:  Starting this … Read More

EU LCS: Summer Split 2018 – Quarterfinals: Best of Five review

The quarterfinals this split were exciting as we witnessed two best of five matches. Let’s capture a more distinct look of what happened, and what do the semi-finals hold for us. Schedule: FRIDAY, AUG 24, 2018 – DAY (9:30 PM) SATURDAY, AUG 25, 2018 – DAY (8:30 PM) FRIDAY: SPLYCE Vs FC SCHALKE 04 The premier match for Quarterfinals was … Read More