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University League of Legends: The Future is Bright

League of Legends is growing.  And it’s growing fast. The first ever College League of Legends Championship between two varsity programs (programs that offer full or partial scholarships) took place this year (2018) when UC Irvine (UCI) beat Colombia College (CC), 3-0.  In previous years, the championship featured at least one team that was not considered varsity.  Last year Maryville … Read More

League of Legends patch 8.11 change list analysis

Yasuo Changes It must be said that patch 8.11 has particularly affected Yasuo as far as item build is considered. The basic build of the champion has been completely nerfed, resulting in a drastic drop in the early game impact of the Champion. The main changes in items: → Combat Gloves are more expensive (from 400 to 600), limiting the … Read More

LoL MSI 2018 Grand Finals Review

China’s Royal Never Give Up has beaten South Korea’s King-Zone Dragon X and clinched the League of Legends MSI 2018 title on Sunday in Paris, France. With a 3-1 win, the Chinese team once again put their country at the top of LoL’s international scene. After the Chinese side, Edward Gaming won the 2015 MSI title, only South Korea raised … Read More

LoL MSI 2018 Fnatic takes down Team Liquid in 4th place tiebreaker

Liquid’s run at MSI The start of the tournament was very disturbing for Team Liquid with four defeats in two days. They were already dead and buried, but they took control of their MSI campaign with four consecutive wins. Much of the credit for the great group stage comeback goes to Double lift who even went toe-to-toe with the best … Read More

LoL MSI 2018 Grand Finals Preview

Only three defeats for Uzi and his teammates at MSI. Their campaign was very well managed with defeats only to FW, TL, and KZ. However, regardless of the defeats, the Chinese side is a force to be reckoned with at the moment. It must be said that this could be their year, as the performance of their ADC is particularly … Read More

Ganking without pinging is not a solution – League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular titles in the eSports industry. The game has everything from being an incredibly addictive pass time to hosting multimillion dollar competitions. The game offers you so much more with multiple roles and champions to choose from. However, with great power come great responsibility, one of the roles in the game falls … Read More

Fnatic, the crowned champions of EU LCS Spring Split 2018

The great final of Europe was much more than a fight because it supposed to be the defense of a prestigious record, with G2 Esports winning the last four consecutive splits. While Fnatic aimed to return to a throne that had once belonged to them. The regular season had left a much stronger Fnatic image, with G2 dealing with the … Read More

Securing the field – Splyce wins the battle for third place – EU LCS Spring 2018

The opening to the grand final of the European LCS was a very open brawl for third place with five games full of emotions, errors, and perseverance. However, it was Splyce that took advantage of the opposition as they took the third place and secured a ticket to the Rift Rivals. Moreover, the side also gained 70 points to fight … Read More